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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Repost: Reggae Sundays: A Lesson In Vibes

Happy New Year!

I haven't taught in a while. I used to give violin/viola lessons and also teach 1st graders how to use typing and other computer applications back in the days. Now?? I'm teaching YOU how to feel the VIBES. With this podcast, I try to embody the true feeling that the artist are conveying and let you hear their songs up to their climax and that's what I move on to the next. Right when your about to hit that climax, i make it last a little longer...(That's what she said/wants). It's a great feeling really. Nothing moves me and make me WANT to move like Reggae.

Some people aren't sure what songs to listen to and really want to get into more Reggae besides the typical Bob Marley. That's what my show is all about. Especially this episode. There are so many artists out there, just waiting for new eats and new listeners. I am here to showcase them as best as I can. I'm here to learn you. Teach you what roots and culture is really about. Artists such as Sizzla, Buju Banton, Lutan Fyah, Luciano, I-Wayne, Etana, Garnett Silk, Tony Rebel and much much more are showcased here and EVERY sunday. Reggae Sundays 2-4pm.... It doesn't get much better!

Listen below


Reggae Sunday - A Lesson In Vibes by Row Jones on Mixcloud

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Reggae Sundays - A Lesson In Vibes

Simple. This is a lesson in vibes. Smooth transitions, classics and hits. New music mixed with old traditions. Just might learn somethin. I wanna shout out Apani Smith for listening! That was a blessing. It's nice to have people who already have fame in their own right, listening to you. It's amazing what this internet thing can do and how it can connect people from all walks of life so easily.

On a more solemn heart goes out to those who were brutally and horribly killed in their school in Connecticut. I can't believe people could be so heartless and senseless. I played a song for them, Jah Cure - Thank You For Life. I have to make sure I appreciate MY life, cause i bet they would want people to put more value on life in general.

Bless Up

Take a listen

Reggae Sunday - A Lesson In Vibes by Row Jones on Mixcloud

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reggae/Soul Sundays - Soulfire

As usual, in case you missed this Sundays show, it's here for your listening pleasure. Try not to make a mess where you sit. If you do, text TV to 62297 and Macy's will send you a 20% off coupon. Use that coupon to buy some new underwear. Maybe a 3-pack. But this is a nasty topic, moving on...

This Sunday, we added Soul as I began doing every 3rd Sunday. It's been a very fun time. For some it's a confusing time, i know. Your like wait....Marvin Gaye AND Buju Banton? How does that work? But isn't it all soul music in the end? just from different cultures, but we are all the same people. Both artists use bands, both artists sing love songs and songs of oppression over smooth bass lines and smooth melodies. To's all the same and it all deserves to be played on a Sunday. Check it out below.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

We had a crazy storm out here a couple days ok, Hurricane Sandy. Sandy tried to tear down everything that was built on the Northeast Corridor. But we survived! You have to appreciate having a roof over your head. I really feel sorry for people who had to live outside. There has to be more we can do for the homeless. Even the ones who don't want to help themselves. Everybody needs shelter. But I digress. This mix done weathered the storm! Just wait until next week.

Listen Below

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reggae Sundays - Bring Back The Soul

Integrating Soul & R&B into an already soulful reggae afternoon. Check out this edition for a different spin on what can be blended together. To me, it only makes sense to mix together to soulful genres of music like this. And hey, it's all black music anyway. Why not blend it?

A lot of people don't even realize that many of their favorite reggae songs are covers of old school R&B and Soul songs. There's a lot of newer covers (90's and up) but the old ones always get looked over. There's also plenty of rock/alternative/pop covers as well. Even Lady Saw covered a Jimmy Buffet song, "Pina Colada's". Oh yea, you know it.

Listen below...Every 3rd Sunday 2-4pm we add soul music....


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Monday, October 15, 2012

Reggae Sundays: Everybody Must Work

This week was a little crazy. After a rough start, and an even tougher restart...The music was rolling. We started off with some smooth roots reggae to soothe the soul, before I paid homage to Barrington Levy with some select tracks. He is a legend in Reggae & Dancehall and fortunately he's coming up here to Boston on Oct. 20th. I can't wait. Sit back and enjoy this episode of reggae sundays because it DEFINITELY gets turned up by the end with uber amounts of dancehall. That's right...uber. I can use that word! Take a listen! Next week is Reggae/SOUL Sundays...mixing in Soul & R&B music. What could be more perfect on a Sunday afternoon?

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Reggae Sundays - Live Podcast every week 2-4pm EST, 5-7pm in the UK

Every Sunday is Reggae Sundays, mixing live Reggae music from 2-4pm EST and I hope you can join me. Many stations play reggae well, but I play reggae that's FELT. Music that not only "takes you back," but also let's you relive that moment as if no ones around and you were just in the mirror singing by yourself.....yea......i take you there.

Of course I am playing current new tunes and keeping it fresh. But there's something about the 90's and even beyond. It's like when music gave you hope. That Obama kind of hope. That kid in the candy & vegetable aisle type hope. Like everything's gonna be alright. Tune in with me and let's get together....but you know, not like that... I'll be posting these podcasts weekly so stay tuned! Peace and Enjoy.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Dancehall Mix!! TheRowMix "Di Empire"

I've been getting more and more into DJing these days...Started a nice little reggae show every Sunday, Reggae Sundays. Click HERE to check out the previous shows I've done. Anyway, with a little more experience under my belt and a little more confidence, I decided to enter a worldwide DJ contest. I had the choice between a Hip Hop mix, Dancehall mix, or a mixture of both...Of course I went with what i love to mix most which is dancehall. Did a mixture of new and old. Still got a lot to learn, but hey, I'm sure i'm better than SOMEbody. I figured I might as well share the mix with ya'll. Hope you like what you hear!

By the way, I have a new music video coming VERY soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

Download TheRowMix-Di Empire


Wayne Marshall - Empress
Cecile - Bubble Up
Laden - Get Paranoid
Vybz Kartel - Dollar Sign
Mr. Vegas - I Am Blessed
Ding Dong - Money Pull Up
Vybz Kartel - How You Wine So
Tanya Stephens - Goggle
A.R.P. - Di Gal Dem Want
Machal Montano - Big Phat Fish
Mr. Vegas - Sucky Ducky
Buju Banton - All Ova Me - Superstar Riddim
Lady Saw & Spragga Benz - Back Shots
Assasin - Dem Fear We
Flippa Mafia - Star A Star
Buju Banton - Your Night Tonight
Demarco - I Love My Life
Popcaan - Ravin (Part 2)
Aidonia - Bubble & Turn
Baby Cham - Wine
Aidonia - Ukku
Popcaan - Clean
Gyptian - Nah Let Go
Vybz Kartel - Yuh Love